LinkedIn marketing

3 interesting functionalities of the company LinkedIn, which you should know

We probably don't need to introduce you to LinkedIn. This social network is a great tool through which you can contact a lot of entrepreneurs and professionals from all fields. Those who are interested in marketing and want to take their online business to the next level should not put corporate LinkedIn lightly.

Corporate LinkedIn brings many benefits and ways to use it. At the same time, it hides interesting functionalities that will allow you to grow your business faster and reach new customers. If you want to have your company profile tuned to the unit and use its full potential, we recommend paying attention to these 3 simple but effective elements.

1. Celebrate corporate culture

Kudos and Team Moments should be the focus of every LinkedIn marketer. You can't use it to communicate all the benefits of your business or all the representative percentages and statistics, but you can get closer to those who follow your content humanly. 

Kudos and Team Members allow you to share employee successes or spectacular ideas. It gives space to praise those who are behind the success of your business. Show people on LinkedIn that you understand your employees and form a team. Transparent communication of the corporate atmosphere is without debate an effective method of addressing young blood. 

2. Notice to employees

We all know him. And we all hate him. Algorithm. Oh, that algorithm. As on all social networks, you can bake with LinkedIn by getting as many responses to your new post in a short time. 

LinkedIn helps you with that. You don't have to send a new post to everyone on your list. The new feature allows you to send a weekly notification to your company's employees that you've posted a new post. They have the opportunity to comment on him, like him and send him to friends. This will increase the reach of the contribution, so you can easily reach a wide range of potential customers. Free.

3. Personalized profile filler

It's no secret that completely filled profiles on LinkedIn have up to 30 % higher weekly traffic than unfilled profiles. Therefore, you should not leave the completion of your profile to chance. The new personalized profile filler will help you with this. Detects unfilled fields. All you have to do is fill them in an engaging way. Even the small edits that LinkedIn alerts you to can actually make a significant difference to the reach of your posts.