4 marketing campaigns that ended in fiasco

High costs, perfect workmanship and long reach are no guarantee of success. A good marketing campaign also requires an original idea with a clear message that will make a positive impression. This was exactly what the 4 marketing campaigns were missing, which ended in a complete fiasco. 

Each of these campaigns had a great starting line. For some, it even looked like success at first. However, the creators of the ads have committed fundamental errorswho buried their chances of achieving the goal. On the other hand, their failure is an instruction on what mistakes you should avoid. 

1. About You

An ambitious fashion retailer dominated advertising space for a time. His ads appeared everywhere About You avenged. The quantity outpaced the quality, if at all the quality of this campaign can be talked about. You did not learn anything specific from the ads, only information about the arrival of the seller in our market. In addition, their frequent frequency began to get on people's nerves.  

2. Gillette 

According to marketing experts, the company Gillete managed to step aside several times. They consider the campaign from the beginning of 2019 to be one of the biggest "files".

3. Clairol 

Company Clairol launched a hair curler Mist Stick, whose sales were also successful everywhere except Germany thanks to a visually and visually appealing advertising campaign. She failed to break through there due to a language error. In German slang, you can translate the name of the product as manure, resp. feces. 

4. Ford

The translation also became fatal for the car company Ford. The name of one of the models wanted to show that the car is pedaling like a horse of the "pinto" breed. However, in the Brazilian dialect, this term refers to a penis that is too small. The ad ended in fiasco, as Brazilian men refused to drive a car with that name. 

Idea-free advertising, negative scenes, poor language translation, these are just some of the mistakes you can make when creating your marketing campaign. There are other bugs in the game that you can avoid if creation of advertising and the whole marketing strategy entrust to professionals. Just contact us!