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How to create a successful corporate website?

The website is a great tool for gaining new customers. However, not every site will fulfill this purpose. In order for this to really happen, several factors need to be considered. Thanks to them, you will be able to create a truly successful website that will bring growth to your business.

A design that attracts attention

One of the factors you should focus on is design. An interesting look sets you apart from your competition and makes it easier for people to remember. The appearance of the website also affects the psyche. Internet visitors can simply feel comfortable with you and you will leave a good impression on them. The interplay of images, text and colors can also capture and focus on the most important things.

Useful and quality content

Have you ever found text on the web that you have read elsewhere before? It certainly does not interest such content. Not even empty words whose job is just to fill the space on the page. However, if you create interesting content that will enrich Internet visitors, they will be happy to return to you. When creating it, of course, relevance to your focus is also needed. Descriptions of services or products can be written in an original way. If you want to go even further, write about things that people are interested in and provide them with solutions to their problems, and create your own blog on the site.

SEO optimization

Without the visitors of the Internet noticing you in search engines, even the most beautiful design and the highest quality content will not bring you the expected result. Therefore, also pay attention to SEO optimization of the site. Attention needs to be paid to both on-page and off-page SEO factors.

Trivia that is not often thought of

When creating a website, often some important things get in the background. However, these also have a significant impact on brand building, site memorability and, ultimately, on your success in the market. These are URL format, domain, site structure, linking pages with internal and external links, site speed, responsive display, page indexing enabled, and more. Let's take a closer look at at least some.


The domain is displayed on the browser command line. Its job is to capture what your site is all about. A domain distinguishes your site from others, so it must be unique. It is also an important factor in building a brand. It should be concise and easy to remember, so it's not a good idea to include hyphens or numbers that are harder to remember.

The domain suffix is also mentioned instead. If you do business internationally, .com or .eu will be a suitable ending. If you focus only on the Slovak market, the most suitable ending is .sk.

After you create a domain, you'll need to verify that someone else isn't already registered. If not, you will register it.

Website structure

Thanks to the clear structure of the website, everyone will find what they need, without unnecessary clicking through many pages. A poorly designed structure also results in a high bounce rate, which negatively affects your search results. Convenient content distribution reduces your bounce rate and extends the time people spend on your site.


Using headlines is important for a better structured and easier-to-read website. Headlines should also include key phrases, which affects SEO.

Meta title and meta description

The name of the site that appears in search engines is called the meta title. His job is to attract attention. It should be designed so that the internet visitor can quickly understand what the site is up to. The length of the meta title should be 50-60 characters, including hyphens. The meta title must also be simple, unique and easy to remember.

The meta description or meta description briefly describes the content of the page. Appears in searches under meta title. The compelling meta description works as the best ad and encourages people to visit the site. A meta description must be created for each page of the site.

Image optimization

The purpose of pictures is not just to contribute to the interest of design. They should be aptly named, and the title should include keywords. Remember to always fill in the Alt text as well - this will be displayed if for some reason the image is not loaded. Completed Alt text is also important for SEO. Also think about the size of the images. If they are too large, it may affect the page load speed.