instagram trendy 2021

How to increase the reach of posts thanks to new features in Instagram algorithm 2021

Instagram is constantly testing various innovations that take it to the next level. As part of this, it also improves its algorithm, allowing users to increase the reach of their posts. Several functional improvements also came in 2021. 

This year, Instagram should include communication and frequency of contributions. The restored one also adapted to it Instagram algorithmwhich gradually adds more updates. Thanks to them, you have several options for increasing the reach of your contributions and gaining new followers. 

1. A few changes in instastories

Instastories have been a supplement so far, but this year they can take over the feeds. Several changes are planned, from aesthetic to functional. For example, Instagram began testing the cancellation option post sharing in instastorieswhich should lead to their improvement. 

2. Renewal of contributions

You can re-delete deleted videos, photos, or stories. The tool will allow you to do this recently deletedwhich can be found in the section settings-account. You will have up to this step 30 days since deletion. 

3. New professional info panel 

If you manage a company or author account on Instagram, you have a new information panel for professionals. It includes several sections, for example track your performance for performance monitoring, grow your business bringing tips for business expansion or section stay informed with fresh analyzes and statistics. 

4. Better content in Explore

Instagram is increasingly pushing for more original post content. Help him with that has a function explorewhich will offer better and more up - to - date content. When creating new posts, it also forces you to pay attention to higher quality photos and the use of top hashtags. 

These news are not the only improvements to the Instagram 2021 algorithm. The social network has announced further updates, so you should still be watching the new changes that come next year. We at Monkeymedia are constantly monitoring new trends in the field of social networks and algorithms. if you entrust your social networks to our hands, you can be sure that they will always correspond to the latest trends.