People doubt what you're saying
but they will believe what you will do.

Čo zaseješ, budeš aj žať alebo zákon príťažlivosti Cause marketingu

What you sow, you will also reap or the law of attraction Cause marketing

"What you sow, you will reap," resp. Everything will come back to everyone once. This is the old golden law of karma that humanity has followed since time immemorial. Why...
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Marketing v metaverse: Čisté bláznovstvo, alebo neďaleká budúcnosť?

Metaverse Marketing: Pure Folly or the Near Future?

We've been hearing more and more about metaverse lately. You may have noticed that this miraculous word is coming at us from every corner. And when they start it ...
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Video ako esencia digitálnej komunikácie

Video as the essence of digital communication

At Monkeymedia, we strive for a dynamic and expressive presentation of our clients' products and services, which is why the video format is our favorite n0.1 and also our ...
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Vyhrajte záujem publika s Guerrilla marketingom

Win audience interest with Guerrilla Marketing

The oversaturation of advertising, whether it is offline or online communication, has been felt on all fronts in recent years. People are already so used to pop-up banners, ...
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Sprievodca spoluprácou s influencermi

Guide to working with influencers

Well-established cooperation with influencer can significantly increase brand awareness and increase sales with a dizzying return on investment. Many studies show that advertising in ...
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Ako sa zmení Instagram v roku 2022?

How will Instagram change in 2022?

Instagram has been expanding in recent years, users are constantly increasing and today it is already an integral part of our clients' marketing mix. But the world is constantly changing and Instagram is ...
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Content marketing môže byť tlačiareň na peniaze! A vy ho stále ignorujete?

Content Marketing Can Be A Printer For Money! And you still ignore him?

Blog? This is what I pour hundreds of euros into, 14 people read it and I have 0 sales of it? Thank you, please! Blog? This is the ...
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Case study Kannabi: ako sme sa postarali o unikátnu brandovú identitu a posunuli značku na nový level?

Case study Kannabi: how did we take care of our unique brand identity and take the brand to the next level?

Kannabi came on the market in 2018 with a unique product - hemp seed milk containing CBD. It quickly became a hit, they even paid attention to it ...
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Case study Fiorangelo: takto sme pomocou kreatívnej kampane získali vyše 11 000 unikátnych návštev webu!

Case study Fiorangelo: this is how we received more than 11,000 unique web visits with a creative campaign!

The world-famous Fiorangelo brand from Italy specializes in the production of high-quality fashion pieces. Its primary target group is more creditworthy women aged 35-50 years ....
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Instastories kampane – už aj našim klientom pomáhajú dosahovať nadpriemerné výsledky!

Instastories campaigns - they already help our clients achieve above-average results!

Instagram is currently considered the second most important social network in terms of marketing. It is actively visited daily by more than 500 million users, among whom you will undoubtedly find ...
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