Case study Fiorangelo: this is how we received more than 11,000 unique web visits with a creative campaign!

The world-famous Fiorangelo brand from Italy specializes in the production of high-quality fashion pieces. Its primary target group is more creditworthy women aged 35-50. The client's request was to create an effective campaign focused on website traffic and brand awareness in Slovakia. We decided on a creative campaign, which ultimately turned out to be the best solution. Why?

The task of creative campaigns is to target the emotions of a potential customer. When inventing the advertisement, we therefore avoided any performance campaigns that would only include a photo of the shoes and a price tag. Such ads jump on you from every corner every day, they do not stimulate any emotions (that is, at least if you don't see any ultra-super discount) a for a client like Fiorangelo, they would not have the desired effect.

A creative idea is the basis of success

We drank some coffee, we thought, we thought, until we came up with a great idea.

From which period of your life do you have the best memories? Most of the times when you were 18, 20, 25 years old, though. Women belonging to the target group of the Fiorangelo si brand they enjoyed their youth in the 70s - 90s of the last century. From the product range, we therefore chose a retro handbag and shoes, which were worn just these years and are now returning to fashion. We planted them in an original way in an advertising banner, which we promoted on Facebook. We chose a simple but apt claim: "For love for them is forever '

What have we achieved? Most importantly - we aroused strong emotions. We awakened in women memories of beautiful times, when they enjoyed their youth and wore exactly this style of shoes and handbags. And how did these emotions affect the results?

Remarkable results that are worth paying attention to

What will you do first if you are very interested in Facebook? You like, heart, or share the post with your friends. And if the post really appeals to you, you will most likely add a comment. This is exactly what we managed to achieve with our Fiorangelo campaign. She ran for exactly a month, taking during this period we invested € 786 in it. However, due to the huge interaction, it became viral very quickly, so we managed to make the most of this budget.

In one month ours the advertised post reached 93,000 people, received 744 likes, 50 shares and 146 comments. We managed to arouse the interest of the target group so much that the women described themselves in the comments, wrote their experiences and memories.

We succeeded through the campaign get 11,142 unique visits to the web, which means that the cost per conversion (site visit) was about 7 cents. This is a great result given that in the fashion segment, the average cost per conversion is 25-45 cents. Among other things, In one month of promoting this campaign, we have increased the brand awareness of the Fiorangelo brand 1000 times compared to the whole of last year! And all thanks to creativity…

We also shared our experience in article for Ecommerce Bridge.

What's next?

Of course, our work does not end with one successful campaign. We have already aroused interest, now our task is to bring to the web people who will actually buy. We will already do this through performance remarketing campaigns. These will be targeted to site visitors we have already reached with our first creative campaign. Since we have aroused strong emotions in them and they already know about the Fiorangelo brand, their willingness to convert in the form of a purchase will be much higher. We are curious what results we will achieve!

And what you? Do you use unique creative campaigns and viral posts to reach your target audience? If not, you may be losing hundreds or thousands of potential customers right now. Try them too, we will be happy to help you with them. That's enough for us contact!