Case study Kannabi: how did we take care of our unique brand identity and take the brand to the next level?

Kannabi came on the market in 2018 with a unique product - hemp seed milk containing CBD. This very quickly became a hit, even the big media paid attention to it. It appeared in Startitupe or Refresheri and sales grew. However, the owner Marek, despite his success, decided to take a slightly different path. And this is where the cooperation with us began.

Hemp milk is definitely an interesting product, but client Marek saw greater potential in CBD oils. These are very trendy nowadays and the market for them is becoming more and more saturated. Succeeding can be challenging, so we had to care a unique brand identity that stands out from the crowd.

Brand identity and specific colors

One of our main tasks was to innovate brand identity and design product packaging along with labels on CBD oil bottles. We opted for earthy pastel colorswhich are IN today, but at the same time represent nature. We have thus created a kind of connection with the CBD oils themselves, which are 100% natural, without added chemistry. In addition, the selected shades give the boxes a premium look.

In order for the customer to feel the added value, The boxes are equipped with a magnetic closure and are made of quality materials. We designed the labels for the bottles completely in accordance with the brand identity and the basic colors of the brand. We chose a simple but modern design.

As part of our brand identity, we also designed attractive design of business cards and flyers.

New website with a minimalist design

We created a completely new website for the client, in which we took care of the optimization of UX and UI elements. As soon as the customer opens the website, him an interactive design with moving elements draws into the story. We emphasized minimalism, simplicity and intuitiveness so that the customer could immediately find what he needed.

As soon as the homepage opens, the potential customer finds out basic information about the product line, the main advantages and the Kannabi company itself. We've applied elements that prompt for a conversion. The airy feel of the website is enhanced by the soft background combined with the brand's traditional pastel colors. We adapted the texts to the minimalist design of the page and we have optimized them so that they provide the customer with all the necessary information in a concise but attractive way.

Innovative features for a better experience

Of course, it didn't just stay with the design. We also worked on modern features that will be appreciated by both the customer and the site operator.

To increase conversion rates, we've added a feature that even an unregistered customer will automatically save the products in the cart. Thus, when he leaves it and returns later, he will still have them ready to complete the order. We have also provided customers with the option of registration, thanks to which they have their personal data stored for further purchases.

One of the innovative features is also possibility of payment by Bitcoin or Dogecoin. We have integrated a modern interface for tracking past and current orders into the web management environment, which significantly saves time and improves clarity.

In the innovated Kannabi project we see great potential and we look forward to all future successes. If you also want to take your brand to a new level, we will be happy to help you with that. Enough contact us, we are happy to listen to your story and propose optimal solutions that bring results!