Content Marketing Can Be A Printer For Money! And you still ignore him?

Blog? This is what I pour hundreds of euros into, 14 people read it and I have 0 sales of it? Thank you, please! Blog? Is this the great machine that generates 10,000 euros a month in my orders? Deliberately, which group do you belong to?

Lots of questions at once, but let's get along. In our industry, we often meet people who absolutely coughing up the blog. They are not interested in their content. Product descriptions are made up of 3 sentences, as if spelled out from some cheap translator. After all, the product itself is important, not some sauce around, but…

Such a person then decides to promote his products through performance campaigns. Yes, exactly the raw campaigns in the style: "Discount 10 %, buy from me!" 50, 100, 500, 1000 € will hit them, but the results are somehow not coming. Why is that so?

3 % versus 37 % - what's more?

Now be very big, but really big. Experts have found that you can bring potential customers in your segment divided into 4 smaller groups. They look something like this. Imagine your ad is showing to 100 people.

  • 3 people are ready to buy now. They sit at the computer, hold a credit card in their hand, and are eager to send their hard-earned money to a seller.
  • 18 people are determined to buy the productthat you sell. However, these people are still looking for information on what to stick to when choosing, what parameters to follow and how to find the best solution for their needs.
  • 19 people know about your product, but currently they are not actively dealing with the purchase. However, they will buy it in the foreseeable future.
  • The remaining 60 people basically do not need your product and do not address its purpose. However, it is still possible that they will not want him one day.

So let's get to the point.

Do you know who you're targeting?

You probably already know what we're trying to say. If you are the type of entrepreneur we mentioned in the introduction, you target the 3 % market with your ads. For people who are ready to buy. You can really reach out to them by offering them raw advertising at a 10 % discount. However, of those 3 % people, you definitely won't address everyone.

In reality, so You pay a lot of money for your ad to show to 100 people. Of this, you will contact only 3. Of these 3, only 1 can actually be bought from you. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what the flushing of money to the toilet in a live broadcast looks like.

Wouldn't it be nicer to target those 37 % people?

Imagine that you are not targeting eager buyers, but a second and third group of people. Of your money invested in advertising, you would instead of 3 people, they reached up to 37. That's better now, what do you say?

And what would you say if you could reach one of the other 60 people? You would be closer to 50 % success rates. It's starting to smell a little bit of money, isn't it?

The question is - HOW ?!

How the hell do you know how to hit those 37 % people? We will not drag you, the answer is simple. It is the often ignored content. It actually works very simply.

Let's say you sell roofing. Write an article on your blog about what to look out for when choosing roofing materials, how not to be fooled when buying. Tramtada, 18 % people will click on your article immediately, because this is exactly what they are looking for.

Well, let's move on. Let's say you write an article on a topic "How your older roofing saves you money due to energy losses." Baaang, you will perfectly address that 19 % group of people who do not yet plan to buy a roof, but know that they will need it soon. At the same time, however, you also target a 60 % group of people who do not think about roofs at all. However, you will show them that their current roof is actually robbing them of money and they will immediately start thinking about a new one.

Magic? No, just effective live content marketing!

Printer for money in practice

What now? The basis is to create quality, but REALLY QUALITY CONTENT. By that we really don't mean a 1.5 NS article from a cheap copywriter for € 10. It is necessary to go deep, to create high information value. It needs a brutal headline, attractive subtitles and text designed to the reader will not be able to take his eyes off him. The icing on the cake must be a properly incorporated call to action element that will move your readers to the coveted 3 % group. Thus, it turns them into shoppers.

The last important step in this fun puzzle is promotion. Invest in Google or social media ads and Get your super-quality content among your potential customers. Test, try, experiment with different captions. Until one day you come to a combo that will work. And you will find that For example, for every euro you invest in advertising, you will get back 3.

And you probably already know the next step. The more money you pour into your fine-tuned printer, the more it spends. So, are you going to continue to neglect content marketing, or do you finally start paying more attention to it? If you need help with it, write us a nice mail and we can talk about it. Next-level is waiting for you!