Which factors most discourage customers from buying in the e-shop?

In the world of online business, it is no longer just a matter of price and brand. Customers' demands are ever higher, not only for the goods or services sold. The quality of the e-shop also comes into play in terms of visual, content and functionality. 

Right now visual page and web functionality is key to customer retention. If he encounters cluttered content, missing goods, slow loading of the page or other shortcomings while browsing it, it will very quickly discourage him from buying on your e-shop.

Negative reviews

The statistics speak for themselves. More than 80 % customers follow reviews for the eshop. More than 40 % of them will be discouraged from purchasing by a negative evaluation. When running an e-shop, place emphasis on building a good image and the best possible feedback. 

The goods are not in stock

The speed of online shopping is getting faster. Missing goods in stock it is usually a reason to leave the website and then search for similar goods at another seller. In an effort to build clients, be as flexible as possible and always have goods available to customers.

Few delivery options

If you give a customer a choice, you will take a significant step to gain their trust. This also applies to the method of delivery of goods. The customer likes to choose from several options, so when delivered, allow him to choose between by post, courier and personal collection

No possibility of complaint

According to the trading principles, every seller should allow a complaint. If for such an option on you will not notify the e-shop, the customer may get the impression that the goods cannot be claimed, which is another reason to end the purchase.

The website is not optimized for smartphones

The share of purchases made using smartphones is rising every year. When operating an e-shop, do not forget the importance optimizing the look of your site. If it is not compatible with mobile devices, it looks messy and chaotic, which immediately discourages customers. 

Every functional and visual error in your e-shop is easy to solve. Entrust us web design as well as the preparation of a marketing strategy and we will take care to eliminate any shortcoming that would discourage customers from purchasing.