SEO trendy na rok 2021

The biggest SEO trends for 2021

At a time when the Internet is full of many websites or e-shops and the customer has something to choose from, SEO is an extremely important parameter. Did you know that there are more than 2 billion blog articles published online every day in the world? Huge number, though?

SEO is a website optimization that can ensure that your search engine position is as good as possible. The algorithms used by these search engines also change over time, so it is important to follow trends in this area. These are the biggest new trends that will play an important role in 2021.

1. Voice search - even more meaning and influence

Voice search is nothing new, especially with products like Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Voice Assistant. Many households already use this method of search. However, in 2021, this form of orders will carry even more weight, especially when it comes to SEO.

2. Optimization for mobile devices

If your website is not yet responsive and mobile-optimized, fix it as soon as possible. "Mobile First Index" is extremely important when searching. Although the foundations of primary optimization for mobile devices were laid by Google, this is currently true for all search engines. Thus, the search engine primarily looks at the mobile version of the site and prefers it over computer versions.

In 2021, the importance of Mobile First will increase even more, and this is logically precisely because more and more users prefer to browse the web from their mobile phone or tablet. In fact, all indications are that from March 2021, Google will completely ignore content from websites that are only visible on PC interfaces.

3. The importance of metric data from the new user experience

When Google introduced the concept of "Core Web Vitals" in May 2020, no one knew very well what it was. It's now certain that this important metric affects search results. It is a kind of user experience with the speed of loading a web page and its stability. It will officially become an evaluation tool in May 2021. Core Web Vitals will act as a site qualifier.

Here are some other trends that will also have a significant impact on SEO in 2021:

  • Artificial intelligence in search;
  • Equivalence of entities and backlinks;
  • Structured data will become even more important.

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