prečo využívať animované videá

Why should you use animated videos too?

Do you also want a 53x better chance of getting your site on the first page of Google? Start using animated videos! They are the future of the Internet. If you want to be successful, you should not avoid them. 

Video rules the internet

Trend analysis from Cisco speaks clearly in favor of videos. According to a survey, up to 79 % of all content on the Internet is in the form of video. 

It sounds awful, but people are slowly and surely losing their ability to read. Or at least a motivation to read. A modern consumer of Internet content is a consumer in the literal sense of the word. It creates nothing or very little. Most of the time, it is irradiated with a screen and passively sucks in information. No wonder video content is the perfect and sought-after "diet" for such a person. 

The chances of your site appearing on the first page of Google search will increase up to 53x when you fill your site with compelling video content. Videos will keep visitors on your site much longer than traditional text, making it easier to introduce your product or service, and they will help significantly increase site visitors' conversions for customers. Websites full of text go slowly but surely into scrap metal. The Internet is ruled by videos. Especially the animated ones. 

Why an animated video?

Jerozkošné, full of interesting information, does not upset or infuriate anyone and completely has a halo effect (it manifests itself when we see someone for the first time and based on their appearance or behavior we often form a mistake about their character). In addition, there is up to a 12x higher chance that a site visitor will share a video as classic text content.


An important character of the animated video is the mascot. He certainly shouldn't miss it. If your company has one, shove it there. The more original, the better. Adorable animated characters help strengthen the client's relationship with the brand to a deeper emotional level.

And the best? The videos are suitable for virtually all websites. Whether you are involved in accounting, the sale of animal feed, or electrical installations, there is always the opportunity to make yourself visible thanks to videos - whether classic or animated. You ask how? Contact us and we will find the most suitable solution for you!